Tanya Hyatt; MBA, M.Ed.

The full resume experience

My mission is to always lookout for an organization’s best interests while simultaneously improving the lives of people.

I’m a former teacher turned Head of Marketing for the EdTech and publishing industries.

Additionally, I am a Learning & Development Manager for an EdTech company and serve as an Instructional Designer for developing professional development. My previous roles include developing from the ground up a sales onboarding training and serving as a sales trainer and K-12 curriculum developer.

I’m a lover of  📚books, 🚀science, 🏛museums, ☕️coffee, and 😉emojis, and am passionate about ❤️human rights.

My resume will show an extensive timeline of my background in EdTech sales, product and content marketing, and training. It will outline 10+ years of experience in marketing and sales within the EdTech industry, 3 years of publishing industry marketing, and being a contract consultant. It will also depict my combined background of 7+ years in teaching, instructional design, and adult training.

What it won’t articulate is my curiosity, creativity, passion for helping others, my ability to constantly analyze opportunities for growth, and my love for trying to solve problems. And it won’t truly articulate how my strong background in EdTech and training deeply lends to my career success in sales, marketing, and management.

In addition to my high level of experience in sales and marketing, I can offer you strong interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that help me to know how to ‘speak’ to different buyer personas as well as internal employees at different levels across the organization.

I’m process-driven, strategic, friendly, approachable, and fully committed to lifelong learning and helping others grow, while simultaneously aligning to business objectives. And what I don’t possess I actively seek.

I look forward to speaking with you more about how I can contribute to achieving your goals.

I’ve been fortunate to work for and with some amazing companies.